Full Anime Movies

What is anime? It is a Japanese animation that uses visual styles. Full anime movies are just like a normal movie in that they tell a story and have a main theme. But they are animated and they usually have very complex stories. They are known for having futuristic themes which are often mature. The number of characters is usually several and the visual style is highly emphasized.

The list of full anime movies is quite extensive. There are even rare and hard to find anime. Even though everyone may not have heard of anime the oldest one known to exist was made in 1917. It is only a two minute clip; nonetheless it is considered the first one to have been screened.

Called “An Obtuse Sword” this is the oldest one known to be in existence. Created as humorous, this anime tells the story of a samurai warrior who through trickery purchases a dull sword. The samurai tries to attack people he passes on the street to see if the sword is really dull. The tables are turned as the people living in the town retaliate and knock the samurai down.

The expansion of anime from Japan to other markets did not really start until the 1960s. During the 1980s and 1990s anime turned into a major export as the full anime movies became quite popular. According to the Japan External Trade Organization anime in the U.S. is worth $4.35 billion. The world loves movies and anime is very popular when it comes to a different twist on the typical movie.

One of the best full anime movies for the family is Spirited Away. Available in English, French and Japanese this movie is rated PG. The story revolves around a young girl that becomes trapped in the world of the spirits and must find her way out of this world. The story as well as the animation is superb and reviews of this anime are all thumbs up.

If you have never seen a full anime movie, you do not know what you are missing. The most common form of anime is known for exaggerating certain aspects of the physical appearance. Huge eyes, very long legs and arms and tall hair are the most common. The subject of the movie may have speech bubbles that are shaped strangely.

Anime can be either drawn by hand or it can be generated by a computer. Today computer anime is much more common especially for the full anime movies. Not only is anime used for movies but it is also used for video, commercials and even television – especially series of shows.

There are many aspects that should alert you to the fact that you are watching anime if you are unaware of the fact. But the main thing you should do is sit back, relax and watch your first full anime movie. Who knows? You may become hooked on them.

Cool! Street Fighter 2 – The Animated Movie

Watch as Ryu blasts away Sagat with an electrifying hadouken in this action packed classic. The carefully crafted characters in this movie greatly resemble characters from the video game, but with more elaborate detail. The movie grabs your attention right from the beginning giving you an experience as though you are playing the game and watching the characters really come to life on the screen. Street Fighter 2 will keep you hooked to the end as you observe how they have taken the game and expanded it into a very intriguing storyline.

The Street Fighter 2 Movie was developed in the Anime style of animation by the Manga company. Anime is popular style of Japanese animation that has redefined animation on many levels. Most popular Anime or Manga films are those that are action packed with martial arts and great detail. This movie falls into that category. You will be amazed at how advanced the graphics are in this film considering that it was created in 1994.

True Street Fighter Fans have said that this animated movie is hands down the best rendition of Street Fighter ever created. The graphics and the plot are much more interesting than the live-action movie which let down so many fans. If there is one movie that gets it right, then let it be the 1994 animated version. Purchasing this movie will definitely add a prized possession to your movie library.

It is hard to find a movie that you will never get tired of watching time and time again. But we have found one surpasses these standards. The movie has characters that street fighter fans can immediately identify with. Fans will watch in amazement as characters use their signature moves. The storyline greatly complements the eye catching graphics and ear popping sound effects. So pull up a comfortable seat, pop some corn, slide in the dvd, and indulge your self in the animated Street Fighter Movie experience.

3 Ways to Download Anime Movies

Look no further if you want to know how to download anime movies. As you read on, you would realize that the search for your favorite Japanese cartoons like Bleach and Naruto is over. This is because this article would show you several ways to download anime movies without costing much at all.

What are the ways to get such movies to watch without overpaying?

Here, we reveal 3 ways which quite a number of people are using. Be ready to be glued to the television or computer for hours from now. There are tons of good animations around to entertain you.

1. Free Sites

Have you heard of P2P? No doubt that these places can let you download anime movies for free, this is no free lunch in this world really. When you use their services, there is a way you would have to “pay” them which is to view their sponsored ads. You get them through adware that are secretly installed onto your PC. Beware of other harmful elements like computer viruses and spyware. And not forgetting about the slow file transfer.

2. Fansubs Clubs

Nowadays, you see them more and more. Fansubs are dubbed versions of the original cartoons into other local languages. They are found in private fan clubs for you to download anime movies and read their discussions. Sad to say, many do so against the law. Also, these are hobbyist sites and often low on bandwidth resources. So frequent hangs are a norm.

3. Paid Anime Clubs

There are now several sites or clubs that offer you a membership to download anime movies. Each membership gives you unlimited access to the hundreds of both new and the old cartoon classics. It is normally priced at $30 over. In case you are worried that there are bandwidth restrictions, be assured there are not. You can also burn them onto CDs or DVDs so that you and your family can watch them on the television.

The popularity of paid membership sites is rising faster than the rest. The reason is perhaps due to its affordability for anyone to download anime movies. Join the thousands of fans who are indulging in them at my cartoon blog right now

The Ultimate Guide to Buying New and Used Anime Movies

Anime is a term that has found integration into the American vernacular in the 1990s. Even before then the Japanese animation films known as anime movies were known in smaller circles – one only has to think of the legendary Gundam series – but it would take until just before the change of the millennium for these popular DVDs and also video games to achieve popularity with each and every segment of the population.

The biggest breakthrough came in 2001 when anime movies were shown, uncut, on the Adult Swim network. Suddenly the fan base had a dedicated home and before long anime would continue to grow not only the enthusiasm for these animated movies, but also sow a crop of diehard fans that would go to great lengths to obtain anime movies. Purists would go so far as to order hard to find movies from Japan and other outlets, while the average anime fan would forever browse through DVD stores in search of gems commonly overlooked by others.

Before long, the sale of used anime DVDs made these movies affordable for the younger generation of anime fans and with prices that rendered these used movies easy on the pockets of those who still get pocket money from their parents, the push to buy anime used from dedicated stores was great. This movement has now evolved to a vibrant Internet business that allows aficionados and resellers to sell and buy used anime DVDs and games with the help of the online marketplace.

Novices who are just now finding out about anime are sometimes surprised to learn about the large selection that awaits them at stores. This is especially true when shopping for gifts for teens or tweens hooked on certain anime movies. To this end, the ultimate guide to buying used anime movies is designed to give advice and offer some tips on how to choose the perfect anime movies for the children, teens, women and also men on your gift giving list.


o Pokemon is the ultimate in children’s anime entertainment. Specifically “Pokemon 3: The Movie.” Rated G, it was released in 2001 and features the epic battle between Ash and Entei. The characters are well known and you cannot go wrong with this film.
o Parents wishing to buy one of the more recent anime movies should look for “Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.” Released on DVD in 2007, it is popular for kids in the 7-9 age groups.


o Rated PG-13 because of its animated violence, “Escaflowne: The Movie” was released in the United States in 2002. It features strong emotions and has been an anime favorite with both teen guys and gals.
o For the older teen boy who is a hardcore fan of the genre and does not mind Japanese language, “InuYasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler” is the surefire anime hit released in 2005. There is a bit of confusion when it comes to ratings, and even though the movie is generally not rated, Adult Swim attached a TV-14 rating because of the graphic battle scenes.


o Perhaps it is the figure of seven year young Mariemaia, but women simply adore “Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.” This anime came out in the United States in 2000.
o It has been called somewhat melodramatic, but “Sailor Moon R: The Movie” is a favorite with the ladies. The scourge of the Xenian Flower must be seen to be believed and you will do well to look for it when you are out to buy used anime movies.


o Still little boys at heart, you cannot wrong but buy the men on your shopping list “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light.” Rated PG, this movie features the famous anime battle between Yugi and Kaiba. Released in 2004, it is still one of the all time favorites of the genre.
o “Ninja Resurrection” is an enigma to the anime lover. It has sex, blood, gods and demons, but because of a deceptive marketing tactic – those out and about to buy anime movies were led to believe that the movie was related in some way to “Ninja Scroll” – it did not get the reception it deserved. For the mature viewer who enjoys anime movies and cares little about the marketing hype, this is a must have.

As you can see, buying used anime movies is a bit of an art in itself and for the true novice the pictures on the boxes may be deceiving. If you are buying for children, it is wise to stick with the known titles and to keep a very close eye on the ratings. Anime movies that are not rated are best purchased for teens rather than preteens and younger age groups.

Although the majority of adult anime movies appeal to both men and women, scan the story lines for the dramatic flair of the movie. If interpersonal relationships are highlighted, you might have found a certain winner for a woman. Conversely, if the battle scenes feature front and center, it is a fair assumption that this movie is geared more toward the male audience.

Animated Movies And Technology – What Is The World Coming To?

Will we be in the movies ourselves someday?

Not in the sense of being an actor or actress, but in the sense that if we look back at the past and then, at the technological advancements of CGI animated movies, there is really only one direction that it can be heading in.

With the advances in computer technology in the animated movie industry today, and considering that there were no computers at all in 1892 when the first projected animated movie was publicly shown, then also comparing the first animation of Charles Emile Reynaud’s “Pauvre Pierrot” with some of the new animated movies like Disney’s “Toy Story 3” Or Dreamworks Animation’s new “Megamind”, then it seems that anything is possible.

A lot has been accomplished in the last 118 years and it don’t seem like it is slowing up much. If you consider that in the beginning animation was a 2D visual sensation and that was pretty much it. You seen flat images on a screen go by quickly to create the effects of moving objects and that was all.

But today, it is a different technology, it is a new age of High Definition, iMac Wrap Around, 3D Stereoscopic Glasses with a 7.1 Quad Channel Surround Sound System, Blue Ray Digital Experience.

Now, I ask you, What is the world coming to?

With technologically advanced animated movies today turning 3D (this is equal to saying the best possible graphics on your screen, made to seem like they are coming out of the screen), there is only one possible path for the movie industry to take if they are to keep advancing in technology and that is holographic.

Years ago the holodeck on the Star Trek series was just science fiction, but as technology moves on, there is no telling what tomorrow may bring. It may be, that one day televisions will be replaced with a type of projector that will be mounted in your ceiling like a light fixture.

The projector may then project the movie (or game) all around you, in whatever room you have it mounted in. Then consider how AI has advanced in games and computer programs, it is entirely possible that in the future, you do not just watch a movie, but actively play a role in it, possibly making the outcome of the movie different depending on your choices, similar to how some computer games work now.

Seeing how great many of these new movies are now, it may be a lot of fun in the future being in the animated movies, but if we are heading in that direction of playing a role in these new movies of tomorrow, I think for now I will stop watching so many horror movies.

Top Four Japanese Animation Movies to Watch on the Android Tablet

With the recent development of Google Play, it has been made possible to watch all types of movies on the Android tablet. Whether the movie is new or old, you can enjoy most of the movie collection on a large tablet screen. In this article, we examine four of the best Japanese animation movies you can watch on your Android tablet. You will not be disappointed how detailed the movies are.

The first animation classic you should watch is Spirited Away. This Academy Award winning movie was produced by famous Japanese director, Hayao Miyazaki. You will recognize his name in other award-winning titles such as Howl’s Moving Castle. If there was one animation film that made me cry, it was Spirited Away. The plot focus is on Chihiro, an average girl who stumbles upon a mysterious town full of weird spirits. Unfortunately, her parents turn into fat pigs for their greediness so it is up to Chihiro to rescue them from this whole new world. If there is one Miyazaki classic you have to watch, it is Spirited Away. Due to its popularity, an English version was also made to help those in America, Europe, and other Western countries.

The second animation film you should check out is Princess Mononoke. Again, this film was made by Hayao Miyazaki. The theme is based on the battles between humans and nature. You will be amazed by the level of details employed into the animation and the story. The main protagonists are San and Ashitaka. San is the princess raised by a clan of wolves. As you watch this film, you will begin to understand the many twists within the plot of Princess Mononoke. To fully enjoy this film on your Android tablet, you should make sure that the device comes with a good graphics processor and in-built sound device.

A more recent film you should check out is Howl’s Moving Castle. Again, the setting is based on a fantasy world. A young woman is cursed by a witch and turns into a old woman. While she is under the curse, Sofi asks a wizard to help her become a young woman again. The level of detail found in Howl’s Moving Castle is simply stunning. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that a lot of it was hand-drawn.

The final animation movie you should check out on your Android tablet is My Neighbor Totoro. Unlike the first three that were discussed, this movie has a cuter theme. All of these movies are available on Google Play. If you ever get bored while traveling, get your Android tablet out and start watching these great classics now.