2011 Animated Movies – The Best Releases

Throughout the years animation has been used all around the world. The animated movies are fun to watch for any type of gender or for any age group. In 2011, many best animated movies have been released.

Here is a list of best animated movies of 2011.

1) Movie name: Gnomeo and Juliet

Director name: Kelly Asbury

Release date: 11th February, 2011

Based on: Play of William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”

Voices: Jason Statham, James McAvoy and Emily Blunt

Story: This is basically a love story of Gnomeo and Juliet. The gardens of Montague and Capulet were at war but Gnomeo and Juliet were in love with each other.

2) Movie name: Rango

Director name: Gore Verbinski

Release date: 4th March, 2011

Voices: Bill Nighy, Harry Dean Stanton, Isla Fisher, Alfred Molina, Johnny Depp and Timothy Olyphant.

Story: This is a story of chameleon. To take care of a town he was forced to do so. It was also the responsibility of rango to protect the residents of the town from bandits.

3) Movie name: Mars needs Moms

Director name: Simon wills

Release date: 11th March, 2011

Voices: John Cusack, Seth Green and Elisabeth Harnois

Based on: Book of Berkeley Breathed

Story: This is a story of a young boy named Milo. When the Martians came to the earth to take her Milo’s mom, they very much appreciated Milo for his mom.

4) Movie name: Rio

Director name: Carlos Saldanha

Release date: 8th April, 2011

Voices: George Lopez, Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway

Story: This is a story of a bird. The bird discovered that another of his kind lives in Rio de Janeiro so he travelled to Rio de Janeiro to find that kind.

5) Movie name: Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil

Director name: Mike Disa

Release date: 29th April, 2011

Voices: Glenn Close, Joan Cusack and Hayden Panettiere

Story: Good story. This is a story of Hansel and Gretel. When they were kidnapped by a witch, the Wolf, Granny and other characters brought these two back to home.

6) Movie name: Kung Fu Panda 2

Director name: Jennifer Yuh

Release date: 27th May, 2011

Voices: Dustin Hoffman, Jack Black and Angelina Jolie

Story: This is a story of a panda which defeated the evil. After defeating him, he was started to live peacefully but was forced to do war again when a malevolent king arrived.

All of the above animated movies are the best animated movies of 2011 especially Kang Fu Panda 2 and Rango are very best movies of 2011.